5 things to do for siblings before a new baby arrives…

Our third baby is due on 2nd July 2020 so I thought I would share some of the things I am doing for the boys in preparation for our new arrival.

Theodore has just turned 4 and Cameron will be 2 in May so they are constantly in need of entertaining! I have been trying to think of things to keep them busy in the lead up to and when the new baby arrives. Here are some things that I am doing to make things a bit easier when we become a family of five!

  • Stocking a “dad bag”: I am going to get a new back pack and fully stock it with essentials just for the boys – a change of clothes each, nappies, wipes, snacks etc. The plan is to hang this by the front door so that my husband (or any other willing family and friends) will be able to grab it and go whenever they are taking the boys out. 
  • Ideas for outings & activities: I have started doing a list of ideas for things to do with the boys in the summer. My categories so far are: days out, local trips out, in the garden, in the house and ideas for rainy days. I will do a post with these full lists.
  • Meals and snacks: I find it hard to plan and prepare meals at the best of times so I have started a new recipe book with simple ideas for meals and snacks for us and the boys. I am putting a simple shopping list on each one so we can take a quick photo before heading the supermarket. I am also going to make and freeze some nice snacks for the boys as well as some family meals.
  • Simplify the simple things: I love being organised but I know that there are going to be so many times coming when I am not in control, my house is a mess and nothing is going to plan. To prepare for this as much as possible am going to simplify some every day things that take up time in the day. Such as getting the boys dressed- as the baby will arrive early summer- I have started getting the boys summer wardrobe ready. I love them to be matching so I am going to stock up on pyjamas, shorts, t-shirts and hats and the other things they will need and have it all organised in their rooms. I cant wait to put away all their winter stuff which takes up so much room. I am also going to do this for me as I had such a hard time picking outfits when I was breastfeeding so I have started getting a few things…I am going to do a post on this soon.

I hope these little tips inspire you if you are having a second, third (or even maybe forth or fifth baby)… have a look at my post- “Organising your home for a new baby” for more ideas to get organised. xx

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Mum to two boys and pregnant with a baby girl- sharing my journey to becoming a mum of three! All the tips and tricks and chat about how we get through these crazy days.

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