Sleep is overrated…

Our house has 3 bedrooms so the plan is for the new baby to sleep in with us in the next to me cot then when she is about 6 months the boys will move in together and she will have her own room. But Cameron’s room is still going to become a sort of joint nursery…so most of the baby stuff will go in there..which means its needs re-organising and re-decorating- aka loads of time searching on Pinterest and many trips to Ikea!

It’s really tempting to put the boys together now and create a brand new girly nursery…but Cameron sleeps well in his room (for the moment) and I think making changes now could backfire when we need sleep the most. Theo gets in our bed EVERY SINGLE NIGHT so I don’t think that will change anytime soon, he is pretty quiet and usually still half asleep when he creeps in so I am just hoping that won’t cause too many problems! He does have a floor bed which is actually quite comfy so worst case, one of us (probably not the one breastfeeding) will have to go get in that with him to re-settle him…but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

I don’t know what our plan will be for sleep and naps when the new baby comes- Theo had no proper routine and has always gone to bed really late for his age and had to be fed, rocked and now cuddled to sleep. Cameron became a bit more independent…we still cuddle or rock him to sleep but then put him in his cot and he does normally sleep quite well.

I have learnt not to stress too much about it…I regret the worry I had about Theo not sleeping in his own bed and needing so much physical touch to go to sleep but it’s actually turned out fine…he is 4 next month so it’s probably some people’s worst nightmare that he still will come and get in our bed but surprisingly it doesn’t actually cause us too much problems or loss of sleep! So I wish I had not worried so much. xx

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Mum to two boys and pregnant with a baby girl- sharing my journey to becoming a mum of three! All the tips and tricks and chat about how we get through these crazy days.

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