How to organise your home for a new baby…

When I’m pregnant my nesting urges make me want to clean and organise every single thing in my house, garden, garage and car πŸ˜…. This time I have the boys too so a lot of my planning and organising for the baby will also be about them!

I am going to expand on this post when I actually start but for now I am going to share my to do lists so far. I do tend to over plan and sometimes have to stop myself from spending more time planning than actually doing so I will try keep this brief but I will follow up with more on each room and the bedrooms when they are done.

The new baby will be here at the beginning of the summer so I want to get the garden sorted for the boys so they can go out and play safely. We got so sick of them fighting over the plastic toys/cars/slides in the garden one day last summer we just got rid of it all on Facebook marketplace and made a new more natural play area. The goal was to be plastic free but we have kept some of their smaller toys.

We sectioned off a part of the garden, dug it out and put play bark down. We were given this amazing wooden sand pit from my dad which has a cover which turns into a cute little bench! The boys love the new more natural theme- they fight less over the toys and make up games using the rocks, sticks and sand. Still left to do is to get some sort of water play set up out there and put an extra lock on the gate then they can roam freely and safely all summer with no fighting, no crying whilst the baby naps and I relax in the sun….πŸ˜‚.

Have a look at my Pinterest board “Boy’s play area” for some inspiration if you think this will also work for you. Honestly it has really changed how they play out there and was really simple and cheap to do!

Soon I will empty, deep clean and re-organise every cupboard and draw and hopefully getting rid of some stuff we don’t use to make more space. This is what I will want to have done by the time the baby comes:

  • Clean and empty the top freezer ready for freezing breastmilk.
  • Make and freeze at least five family meals.
  • Get a bottle drying rack. I really like this one…Large Baby Bottle Drying Rack Anti-Bacterial Large Grass for Kitchen Countertop (Green).
  • Make one of the cupboards into a baby feeding equipment cupboard.
  • Set up an easy access tea and coffee station.
  • Check all the child locks on the cupboards and draws.
  • Stock up on cleaning supplies and food basics.
  • Have at least 20 easy healthy family meals written up in my recipe book.

Last weekend I did a car boot sale and a trip to the charity shop and got rid of loads of toys- it was so satisfying! I have created a little ‘Kids corner’ in the living room for the boys where I keep a box of toys, a box of games and puzzles, some books and Cameron’s nappy box. I try to regularly swap things in and out to keep them interested.

This is my to do list for the living room before the baby arrives:

  • Add low bookshelf to the ‘Kids corner’ so the boys can reach the books on their own.
  • Set up a breastfeeding station.
  • Set up a new nappy changing box/add to Cameron’s. You will see that grey box everywhere in my house. They are cheap and so handy: Get one here: Baby Diaper Caddy Organiser, Toy Storage Bin, Great Mommy Helper, Portable Nursery Storage Basket Bin with Changeable Compartments
  • Get some good Netflix shows on my watch list ready to binge when the baby arrives.
  • And when we finally decide it- I will need to get the new baby’s initial ordered and the frame up 😍 The letter posters were from (only Β£1 plus delivery!) and the frames are from Ikea.

We have three bathrooms – downstairs toilet, main/kids bathroom and an ensuite. I am adding some bits to the kids bathroom and downstairs one to help the boys use them a bit more independently and I will also be getting them ready with some postpartum essentials to help my recovery after the birth.

  • Finish off the kids bathroom – put up hooks for towels, sort bath toys, set up a teeth brushing station.
  • Stock up on toiletries and bathroom cleaning products.
  • Make two postpartum care boxes- one for downstairs bathroom and one for ensuite. I had a really tough time recovering after having Theo, I have done a post on postpartum essentials with some really useful tips!
  • This is the baby bath I have and I really really recommend it Shnuggle Baby Bath with Bum Bump Support and Cosy Foam Back Rest.

With the bedrooms, Theo has his own room which he will keep for now. Cameron’s nursery will become a ‘joint’ nursery for him and the baby but the baby will sleep in our room initially in the next to me cot.

To do list for the bedrooms is:

  • Finish decorating the nursery
  • Set up next to me cot and nappy changing station in our room
  • Organise all the boys clothes
  • Organise nursery dresser for all the baby equipment and clothes
  • Stock the baby first aid kit
  • Organise my wardrobe and get some comfy breastfeeding clothes
  • Plan lighting for night feeds and changes

We will eventually put the boys together in Cameron’s room and the baby will go into what is now Theo’s…πŸ˜… so we do have a sort of plan. Theo comes into our bed every night at some point, he has slept in his own bed all night once in 4 years πŸ˜‚ but Cameron sleeps okay-ish in his cot so we decided to keep things as ‘normal’ as possible for them for as long as we can. xx

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