Tips to make it through morning sickness…

Morning sickness is awful. My first two pregnancies I felt sick all day and night for 8 weeks. This pregnancy was the same timings but SO SO much worse! I didn’t have Hyperemesis gravidarum and I was never even actually physically sick! I don’t know if it was because this baby is a girl or because I now have two other children to look after and a job to go to but it was all-consuming and put my life on hold.

My dogs made me feel sick, my husbands’ beard made me feel sick, fresh air made me feel sick, lying down made me feel sick, standing up made me feel sick! It was bizarre and awful and although “totally normal” it made me feel so low for what felt like forever! And I was actually one of the lucky ones because it did end when everyone said it would at 14 weeks.

The silver lining was I did learn a few things that I can share in the hope that I can help someone, somewhere! Obviously I am NOT medically trained on this (or anything for that matter) so please see a doctor and tell your midwife if you are worried about morning sickness.

  • GET SUPPORT: Find someone, anyone, who has been through it and reach out. I had one particular friend who I couldn’t have got through it without. She had been there and she would just listen to me moan EVERY day without judgement. If you don’t have anyone – find me!! … I’m on Facebook (Emily Lopez Moreno) or email me.
  • PRIORITISE: Don’t clean your house, wash your hair or spend time cooking a gourmet meal (I don’t do this anyway) but my point is anything you can just let go, let it go. Don’t worry about exercise or eating all the nutritious meals you are told to eat when pregnant there is plenty of time for that! Just do what you have got to do to make it through the day. I only left the house to go to work, everything else just had to be left.
  • DON’T FEEL GUILTY: Hating this part of pregnancy does NOT mean you don’t like your baby or you don’t want to be pregnant. It just means that morning sickness is AWFUL and that is all! Cry it out, snuggle on the sofa, feel sorry for yourself- just remember IT WILL STOP!
  • DON’T GET HUNGRY: Keep eating little and often and stay hydrated. What you fancy to eat will just depend on you and may vary day to day but I liked “fresh” things like lemons and peppermint. Sugary things made me feel worse which was annoying because I have such a sweet tooth and would have loved the excuse to eat ALL the chocolate.

I feel like everyone is different in what helps but these are the things helped me:

Another little tip: Don’t light your favourite candles or wear your favourite perfume when you are feeling sick as you might NEVER want to smell them again- ha! My husband kept drinking from this one mug when I was sick and I have had to throw it away because I couldn’t even look at it.

Remember it will end…it may not be today but it does stop and you will feel amazing! xx

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Mum to two boys and pregnant with a baby girl- sharing my journey to becoming a mum of three! All the tips and tricks and chat about how we get through these crazy days.

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