5 postpartum essentials…

It’s good to prepare to be very sore for at least a few weeks after giving birth (however you do it). You will need big comfy underwear and loose soft clothes and if you are breastfeeding – breastfeeding bras and tops that you can easily lift up or pull down. Loungewear jumpsuits with a cross over top are perfect for this! I will probably get at least 3 new jumpsuits to wear around the house in those early days- boohoo.com have some perfect ones.

Some tips when looking for clothes try to find ones that are:

  • easy to feed if you breastfeed
  • soft for both your skin and babies
  • easy to put on when your tired and sore
  • easy to take off to use the toilet or wash
  • have enough room for big underwear and maternity pads

It’s also just nice to have new loungewear that makes you feel good for yourself even on those long days at home – so definitely add buying some new bits for yourself to your to do list. Another thing to add to keep you busy when getting ready for the baby is to have a good organise of your clothes, maybe do a box of what you don’t think you will be wearing for a while to store away.

Care boxes for your bathroom. These are essential to make sure you are prepared to take good care of yourself in your recovery. I am going to put one downstairs and one upstairs and they will have the following items in:

TOP TIP: Make up a mini version of this in a little bag to take with you if you go out*

Just to keep it real here- I did have to wee in the shower a lot after giving birth to Theo- the stinging pain after having a lot of stitches was just unbearable so having running water on me helped ease it. *THE BEST TIP* if you have this problem, (this may sound crazy) but sit on the toilet and lean over as far as can putting your head near your feet before weeing this seems to work.

I am not good at planning meals or cooking them for that matter but I am really trying to make an effort this time to be prepared with the following:

  • Make and freeze some family meals
  • Find and copy lots of new simple recipes into my recipe book
  • Practice making nutritious nursing smoothies and stock up on essentials for these
  • Make healthy snacks for me and the boys
  • Sign up for Gusto or Hello fresh
  • Stock up on vitamins and food essentials

I will also be relying on my amazing friend at @bubbaeats on Instagram for loads of inspiration for healthy snacks and meals.

The emotions that come with having a baby are crazy and can be overwhelming so try to find support in preparation for this. Before you have your baby try to think about where you will get support to help you whether it be your partner, family member, friend, local baby group or a Facebook group.

Another good tip is to get a good planner or diary. I’m generally really organised but as it comes to the end of my pregnancies and when taking care of newborns the combination of baby brain and lack of sleep massively effects how I function and it’s really easy to forget things such as appointments for your baby and all the other normals things you should know like what day/month is it!

For me it’s really important to be super organised at home before the baby comes as this will just help me relax and make the most of those magical newborn days. Setting up some relaxing spaces for me and the baby is one of big to do’s before she arrives.

The baby will be sleeping in our room in the next to me crib so I am going to make it really functional with a dedicated changing area, soft lighting, put some shelves by my bed for access to everything I need and fill my bedside cabinet with all the essentials for breastfeeding and relaxing. This will also be where I go to relax and feed the baby if someone is with the boys.

A few of the things I will set up for this are:

  • Microwavable heat pads to help with stomach pains
  • Lavender warming eye masks – amazing to help you nap in the day or get back to sleep after a night feed
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Phone and charger
  • Entertainment – Laptop for Netflix, Books
  • Muslins and burp cloths
  • Room humidifier and essential oils
  • Small light for night feeds and changes
  • Black out blinds in the bedroom
  • Feeding pillow and blankets
  • Next to me crib and sleep nest
  • White noise machine- I LOVE this one – The Gro Company Ollie The Owl Grofriend Light and Sound Sleep Aid

I am also going to set up an area in the living room on our cuddler sofa with blankets, a feeding pillow and a space for my breastfeeding box. xx

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Mum to two boys and pregnant with a baby girl- sharing my journey to becoming a mum of three! All the tips and tricks and chat about how we get through these crazy days.

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